VIRAJ is committed to manufacture products that meet all performance requirements along with highest quality standards.

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VIRAJ' Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to ISO 9001:2008. Quality efforts include an emphasis on continuous improvement and defect prevention. VIRAJ is committed to manufacture products that meet all performance requirements along with highest quality standards.

VIRAJ in-house Quality Assurance Laboratory operates daily to assure conformance to specifications at every stage of production. Customers can be assured that all industry and customer-specific requirements will be met.

WEAVING TECHNOLOGIES -The methods for fabric production include needle looms, jacquard looms, braiding, and specialty broad looms. This wide array of looms allows VIRAJ to match the correct production method that will deliver the exact performance criteria needed for a customer's needs.

  • The needle loom (or shuttle-less loom) is a newer high-speed loom that uses manufacturing efficiency and economies of scale to reduce costs for larger runs. This type of weaving technology produces one woven edge and one knitted edge.
  • The Jacquard loom utilizes a computer controlled CAD design system. These looms have almost endless weave design capability. Common uses include patterned webbing, and logo writing that is woven into the substrate. A high quality and more durable alternative to printed webbing.
  • We offer specialized braiding. Fabrics produced include engineered flat braids, collapsed and assembled biaxial and triaxial braided tubular fabrics, “T” and “J” shapes for nonplanar surface applications, and mandrel over-braids.
  • We offer specialty broad Web. These looms are most often utilized for R&D and special projects. We have the capability to weave up to 12 inch (300 mm) widths.

POST WEAVE PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES- VIRAJ offers a wide array of post-weave processes including dyeing, finishing, coating, strap cutting, hole punching and minor inprocess sub-assemblies.

  • Dye house capabilities include yarn dyeing, small lot batch dyeing, and large lot continuous dyeing. We utilize color matching cabinet for color matching. Lab dips are available through our dye lab for color matching of customer samples.
  • Finish capabilities are heat setting, scouring, resin treating for abrasion and/or stiffness, water based Teflon®, silicone, latex, waterproof, flame treat, antifungal, and pre-shrinking.
  • Coating capabilities covers UV Coating on Tapes & webbings for Arrester Barrier Nets used in arresting Air craft's.
  • Strap cutting department offers custom length cutting, sealing & hole punching. As a result of VIRAJ strong commitment to quality, the company has developed a top rate in house lab testing facility.

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