About Us

Innovative, Quality products, Made in India since 1995

VIRAJ SYNTEX (P) LIMITED <VIRAJ> has a long tradition of combining quality and innovation into its products. Originally a Poly Propylene weaving company started in 1995, the company embraced man-made fibers as they became available. In fact, the Indian military recognized VIRAJ commitment towards quality and technical know how, and partnered with VIRAJ to develop narrow woven fabrics & braided cords as per various Indian specifications which are conceived from MIL-Specification.

We are one of the leading & registered suppliers of various kinds of narrow fabrics & braided cords/ropes Twisted ropes/twines used in various industries

VIRAJ has worked with high performance Aramid fibers known today as Kevlar® and Nomex® and has been instrumental in incorporating them into high performance products in the aerospace, safety, and industrial markets.

Continuing with its tradition of innovation, VIRAJ has invested heavily over the years in new and advanced machinery and testing equipment in order to keep pushing the boundaries of what narrow fabrics can achieve. Out of this commitment to innovation sprung the Advanced Products Group. This group of highly talented product designers, machinists, technicians, mechanical, and textile engineers provide unrivaled experience to solve customer design challenges.

VIRAJ is a leader in the woven narrow fabrics industry with almost 5 decades of experience in textiles. Over 1000 different patterns are manufactured in our production facility. Included are woven tapes, webbings, 3-D structures, and specialty textiles that cover a wide range of Industry application.

Operating, needle/shuttle less, Jacquard, and specialty broad Web looms, as well as, modern ranges in our dyeing and finishing departments, VIRAJ provides customers with quality products manufactured to precise specifications.

Nearly 300 trained employees offer the technical know-how and hands-on experience required in the production of our products, including equipment design and modification, fabric design, and weaving/braiding. Our in house dye-house personnel can custom dye to your sample or to any number of standard colors. Finishing process provides resistance to fire, water, and abrasion. Our coating process covers UV Coating on Tapes & webbings for Arrester Barrier Nets used in arresting Air craft's.

VIRAJ offers a full range of services to cover every aspect of design, production, and post-production processes. From design and prototype development, to weaving, braiding, dyeing, finishing, strap cutting, and minor assembly VSPL Group can meet your unique product requirements.